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Keep free is getting more than a 2.4 million requests a month day at the moment. I have been able to offload some of this onto cloudflare, but it is quite a heavy site to host on no money. Any money you can donate will go towards hosting costs and getting a pro cloudflare account.

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Way back in the mists of time twitter used to have RSS feeds. It was great and people used them. I even made a twitter RSS getter form for my website so you could locate your feed. But in June 2013 they killed the RSS feeds. Fuckers.

So, I wrote a script that would fetch a twitter search as an RSS feed, which was a thing I needed to do. Rather than use the api, I just screen scraped the open web for the data.

I realized that the same idea would work for user timelines and so I built a script and modded my twitter rss getter to use that instead. It proved popular (and killed my server a few times). So I put it on its own domain name and wrote a frontend. This dear reader is that. And if you are still reading, maybe you should stop and donate.